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This is my page and if u cant figure out whats its about than please leave now, because you are an idiot since its in large PRINT, well DBZ is japenese anime and if u dont like japenese anime also leave and then Diablo is an RPG for the PC it has a sequal out now Diablo II.

In my Downloads I have a DBZ RPG it only goes from raditz to freeza which is pretty far sense I made it just alittle bit on Namek but the one I played was in Japenese mines in English but to play it you have through this download that and then install it then download the file on my site and open though the the snes9x thing my link takes you to.

Right now I don't have ne thing for diablo on the page except a couple of gifs so if you want info and stuff gohere but for Diablo I hacks and scanners that I plan to put on soon.

If u play Diablo II on the USeast server my acount name is ~warmongor~ I have a lvl 33 palidin and 28 necromancer all my others around lvl 13 if u want to play a game with me.

Or if u have ne advice besides use software that does all the work for u then E-mail me.


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